We love that vinyl records are cool again. In fact, many of our friends, young and old, now own new record players. Sales of new records and remastered classics are skyrocketing! We’re too nostalgic, though, and would rather rummage through thrift stores or comb through items in estate sales and antique stores to find those dusty old classics. We've even searched through eBay a time or two looking for old records that were extra special to us in days gone by.

We thought we’d pull out some of our Christmas records to give some visual proof of our love for vintage vinyls. It's an eclectic collection, but that's just how we like it!



There’s just nothing like listening to “White Christmas” on an old Bing Crosby record and maybe hearing a tiny bit of extra old-fashioned surface noise along with his gorgeous voice. It just feels like Christmas.

We have shared a few LPs with friends throughout the past few years, and it is such a welcomed and treasured gift! In fact, it's almost a contagious gift. Inevitably, we'll launch a flurry of comments by others in the room like "wow, that was my favorite record as a kid" or "I've been wanting to get a new record player" or "will you please find a record of my favorite old artist?" So, if you're looking for a great gift idea for the music lover in your life, just go "old school" with vinyl this Christmas!