Recently, we participated in the Fall Extravaganza hosted by the Vintage Market of Greenville. We were excited to be a part of this event and to share our new home and gift products with the public! We were overwhelmed by the local Cottonwood friends who came out to support us and were equally as excited to meet many new friends who loved our products and business concept. A huge "thank you" to those of you who supported us on Saturday! What a great day!

For those of you who were unavailable to attend the event, we have included a few pictures of the day. We have also added a few of our most popular products from the day to our web site for purchase. This is just the start of our online shop, so stay tuned for more products to be released throughout the fall!



 Popular Products


Stoneware Berry Bowl Set

These delightful berry bowls are perfect for washing or serving berries. They also serve as great decorative pieces for displaying small colorful fruits, ornamental balls, pine cones, etc. This berry bowl set includes three bowls in natural tones: tan, sage, and light gray.


Price: $38 with free shipping


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Colored Terracotta Wall Pockets

These colorful glazed ceramic wall pockets are perfect for cut flowers or small plants. They can also serve as a great holder for pencils, colors, mini notepads, etc. You can mount the wall pockets with a nail or you can add magnets or adhesive tape to the back of the pockets to display them anywhere!


Price: $22 with free shipping


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Lexington Brass Salad Servers

This elegant and eye-catching salad server set would be the perfect addition to your table or a treasured and useful gift for family members and friends. This is a hand-forged brass set, and each piece is approximately 12 inches in length.


Price: $47 with free shipping


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