There's been something extra special about the autumn season this year. Here in the mountains of South Carolina, the leaves are reaching their peak colors (late October/early November). They seem to be extra gorgeous this year!

We have been cooped up indoors for the past few weeks because of COVID-19 sickness, so it was time for some fresh air! This past weekend, we decided to drive about an hour from home in search of beautiful waterfalls and colorful leaf landscapes.


Stop #1: Looking Glass Falls, Brevard, NC

We decided to drive an hour from home toward Brevard, NC in search of Looking Glass Falls. This waterfall is just a few minutes from downtown and is a roadside attraction. We pulled up and walked a few feet to the first overlook (where the picture above was taken). So gorgeous, especially in the fall!



Stop #2: Connestee Falls, Brevard, NC

Our second stop was at Connestee Falls a few miles from Brevard, NC. It was a little hard to find! There are several large entrances labeled as "Connestee Falls," but these are entrances to a residential area near the falls. You should be looking for a parking lot with a roadside sign that says "Connestee Falls Park." There is a realty office/visitor center next to the parking lot. Once you find the parking lot, you will walk a short boardwalk to the falls. When we arrived around 5pm, the sun was in the wrong spot for best picture taking, but it's definitely worth a stop to hear the rushing water and take in the surrounding scenery.



Stop #3: Bald Rock, Cleveland, SC

On our return trip from Brevard, NC to Greenville, SC, we drove right past Bald Rock on US-276. After parking, we walked to the rocky overlook within minutes. I personally could not get enough of the view! There are no words to describe the colors and the overwhelming vastness. It was my favorite stop of the day!

I've seen pictures online of Bald Rock before but had no idea where it was or how easy it was to access. I will be back here A LOT! It's less than 30 minutes from my house!



I'm very aware that I am blessed to live so close to these amazing fall views. Maybe you need to put "visit the Southeast in the fall" on your bucket list. :-) You will not be disappointed!