This is one of my favorite times of the year! Beautiful flowers blossom and still astound me as if I’ve never really taken in all their beauty before. One walk around the yard this time of year brings joy and a sense of peace from the new life and splendor!

Want to take a quick tour around my yard? See the beautiful dogwoods, azaleas, rhododendron, roses, and calibrachoa? I must admit that the azaleas are past their prime and the zoysia grass is still in the process of greening up for the season. Just ignore that, okay?



Thankfully, the former homeowner selected and planted so many of these beautiful trees, bushes, and plants. I'm just reaping the benefits at this point. For the past two years, though, I have really taken an interest in learning more and better caring for the landscaping and adding my own personal touch to the property. I have a lot to learn! I'm currently puzzled by my hydrangea bushes. Hydrangeas are my favorite, but my hydrangea bushes do not look anything like my neighbor's beautiful bushes!

Last year, I purchased several planter boxes from Sam's Club, set them up on my back deck, and began experimenting with herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Right now, beautiful green leaves and white strawberry flowers hide ripened strawberries below and purple blooms top my chives. I'm so proud of my tiny garden. Yesterday, I picked five ripened strawberries. I tasted one and then put the other four in the freezer. I'm hoping that I will soon have enough little strawberries to make a strawberry cake!

Did you know that working in your garden can actually improve your health, reduce stress, and give you more energy? Here’s an excellent article from Martha Stewart's web site covering recent scientific research that points to some of the benefits of gardening twice a week. Just reading the article reduced my stress and got me even more pumped about gardening!

Can we challenge you to take a minute to stop and enjoy the beautiful scenery around you this week? Can we inspire you to purchase a new plant or two to add to your flower bed or to plant in a decorative pot for your front porch? Oh, and since I'm such a beginner, will you share your yard/garden photos with me and share some of your tips and tricks for landscape and gardening success? Please and thank you!