It's officially time to "deck the halls" for Christmas 2020! It does seem, though, that so many decided to decorate weeks ago. I'm not complaining one bit about it! We need a good dose of cheer after this weird year. (Thanks, 2020!)

I totally envisioned my house fully decorated by the weekend after Thanksgiving. Umm...that didn't happen! Good news for you all, though. You'll get a chance to follow along as I decorate this week!

Tonight, I'm decorating one of my upstairs bedrooms. It's just not fair to reserve all of the Christmas decor for my downstairs areas.



I always keep a decorative tray at the end of this bed, and it is so easy and fun to occasionally update this tray with a new frame/artwork, vase, and greenery. Since this room sometimes serves as our guest room, I will often create and insert a 4x6 print into a frame that shares my Wi-Fi network name and password. (Let's be honest. When you're visiting someone's home, it's sort of awkward to ask for the Wi-Fi info. Guests will thank you for sharing this information with them!)

I just created a brand new Christmas Wi-Fi 4x6 template today, and I thought it would be fun to share it with you.



When I said "share it with you," I really meant it. I've created a FREE 4x6 Christmas Wi-Fi printable that you can download and customize with your own Wi-Fi network and password. All you need to do is click the link below and follow the cart instructions. (Don't will not require any payment!) After you download the file, you will need to use Microsoft Word to edit the template. Can't wait for you to use it!


Christmas Wi-Fi Printable (Product Link)