Since we've been focusing on a "cookie" theme for the past few days, let's round it out by sharing a few great ideas for displaying your cookies!



You can never go wrong with layering your cookies on a simple plate or board! Most of the time, especially when I just bake up one batch of cookies, I will display the cookies on a serving plate, raised stand, or a domed serving plate.

One of the new trends floating around on social media is a cookie board! These boards come in all shapes and sizes and use all different types of cookies. The trick is that you'll need a variety of cookies to make this idea work, and you'll definitely need enough cookies to completely cover the board. There are lots of cookie board ideas on the internet, so, in all of your spare time, just google "cookie board" for inspiration. Here's one inspiration picture that I love and hope to copy one day!



Remember a week or so ago when I mentioned making lots of cookies for a friend's fiesta-themed wedding shower? My friend and I made five different types of cookies for the party: Mexican wedding cookies, oatmeal cookies, snickerdoodles, M&M cookies, and iced sugar cookies in cactus, chili, sombrero, and pinata shapes. Lots of cookies! We then, though, ran into the challenge of coming up with a cool display for these cookies. We found an awesome dessert stand online that we transformed into our cookie display (Large Tiered Dessert Stand). This stand is several feet tall and can include up to 8 tiers. Want to see a picture of the stand with all of our cookies on it? We think you'll love it!



Of course, the display we purchased was way-bigger than what most of you will ever need. You can remove tiers and only use a portion of the display, or you can purchase a smaller and more affordable version of the display on Amazon (4 Tier Dessert Stand).

We just love the entire cookie process...making the dough, baking the cookies, decorating the cookies, displaying the cookies, AND watching our friends and family delight in tasting the cookies. It's one of our favorite things!